NK080T120 Small Aluminum Can Baler

Release time: 2021-11-04   sentiment:977 time

NK080T120 Small Aluminum Can Baler, also called plastic bottle baler customized according to customer needs, easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to clean, low noise, stable operation.

Model Packaging size Bale weight Capacity Power
Length Width Height
NK080T120 1000mm 800mm 500-1000mm 350-500kg 3-6bale/H 15KW/20HP

1. It has the characteristics of stable power, flexible operation, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance;
2. It adopts dual-cylinder balanced compression and has a special hydraulic system, which makes the power more stable;
3. The door is opened at a right angle and can be packed with "Tic Tac Toe".