NKC150 Iron Sheet Cutting Machine

Release time: 2021-11-04   sentiment:1074 time

NKC150 Iron Sheet Cutting Machine, also called cutting machine adopts a welded steel structure, which can meet the recycling requirements of a variety of materials. The machine adopts hydraulic control operation, manual feeding, automatic cutting, and the hydraulic system is stable, safe and reliable.

Model Cutting width Cutting stroke Hydraulic power Single time Pressure Power
NKC150 1500mm 1000mm 150Ton 40-50S 15Mpa 22KW/30HP

The machine is mainly composed of glue cutter, frame, working cylinder, base, auxiliary worktable, hydraulic system, electrical system and so on. Nylon pad is installed on the base below the glue cutter to protect the blade of the glue cutter. When cutting raw rubber, artificial glue is placed under the glue cutter, and then press the start button. The glue cutter is driven by the piston rod and falls along the slide way on the rack to cut the glue. The frame is equipped with upper and lower limit switches to control the reversing valve to change the movement direction of the glue cutter, and at the same time, can also protect the piston cylinder head.