NKB240 Corn Cob Baling Machine

Release time: 2021-11-04   sentiment:1350 time

NKB240 Corn Cob Baling Machine is mainly suitable for the compression of wood chips, peanut seedlings, corn cobs, rice husks, cotton seed husks, sawdust, peanut husks and other scraps. After compression, it is directly bagged for storage and reduces transportation costs.

Model Bale size Output capacity Capacity Power Strapping
Length Width Height
NKB240 600mm 400mm 300mm 150bale/H 4.5-6T/H 30KW/40HP Plastic conveyor

1. The frame structure is solid, and the material of "channel steel" is selected as the structure of the machine.
2. Years of design and production experience, guaranteed quality, large output and high efficiency.
3. With its own weight and measurement, it can effectively control the weight and weight of each package.
4. Electric button control, integrated circuit board control. One-button operation is completed.