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Packing Bag/Sack

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The packaging bag can be used to pack all kinds of compressed bales, Also called Sack bags ,mainly used for clothing, rags or other textile bales packed by a hydraulic baler. The outside of the old clothes packaging bag is waterproof coating, which can block dust, moisture, and water droplets. And so on, and beautiful appearance, strong and durable, very suitable for storage and transportation.

Our Sack Specificatons:

Size Weight of bag Hold capacity
30*60 18gram 9-10kg
30*65 20gram 10kg
40*70 27gram 15-18kg
45*75 32gram 22-23kg
46*83 36gram 25kg
50*80 35gram 28kg
52*83 40.5gram 32kg
52*83 37gram 31kg
52*85 42gram 35kg
52*85 38gram 34kg
52*88 40gram 42kg
52*88 42gram 40kg
55*90 44gram 44kg
55*95 50gram 48kg
60*85 42gram 48kg
60*100 48gram 50kg


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