NKBT250 Cow Dung Dewater Machine

Release time: 2021-11-10   sentiment:1442 time

NKBT250 Cow Dung Dewater Machine is suitable for packing machine and filtering animal manure such as cow manure, chicken manure, pig manure, etc. The size of the packing machine can be set freely, and the value of the packing machine can be accurately recorded, which is convenient for operators to use.

Model Motor Cylinder size Moisture Capacity Diameter Control system
NKBT250 45KW+7.5KW 350*4300mm ≤50% 4-6T/H (cow dung) 600(D)*500-1000(L) Servo system control

1.The cow dung filter press is mainly used for the compression and compression of cow dung, sheep dung, horse dung, pig dung and other animal dung. The cow dung after dehydration by the cow dung filter press has a lower moisture content and can be used as a cow Mattress material, bio-organic fertilizer, etc.

2.The separation speed of the cow dung filter press is fast, the moisture content of the separated manure residue is below 50%, and the residue content and water content can be adjusted. It can be applied to feeds of different ingredients (such as grass and concentrated feed). It is easy to transport and solid. Granules are very suitable for use as raw materials for organic fertilizers.