NKY81-1350 Aluminium Can Baler Machine

Release time: 2021-11-11   sentiment:1355 time

NKY81-1350 Aluminium Can Baler Machine, also called metal briquetting machine adopts advanced hydraulic transmission technology, uses high-quality wear-resistant oil seals, and the cylinder adopts the latest domestic high-tech technology to process and assemble, so as to ensure continuous operation without reducing the cylinder pressure, durability and smooth operation; computer control, high degree of automation, Low failure rate, easy maintenance, etc. 

Model Nominal force Power Feed box size Bale size Productivity Operation
NKY81-1350 1350KN 22KW 1400*600*600mm 600*240mm 1500-2200kg/h Manual or PLC

Characteristics of scrap metal baler
1. The way of package delivery: turn the package forward to make a block.
2. Wear-resistant plates are provided in the material box, which is more durable.
3. The upper gland is equipped with a lock, and the block forming effect is better.
4. With power distribution box, using energy-saving pure copper wire motor, which greatly saves electricity costs for users.
5. The operating valve adopts an advanced large-flow integrated block valve body, which has a good pressure-holding effect.
6. Hydraulic drive, select manual or PLC automatic control system.