NKY81-5000 Scrap Metal Press Machine

Release time: 2021-11-11   sentiment:1135 time

NKY81-5000 Scrap Metal Press Machine, also called hydraulic metal balers are applicable in steel plants,recycling companies,ferrous&non-ferrous smelting industry to press metal scraps (steel,copper,aluminum, stainless steel,discarded automobiles)into acceptable fum ace charges (shapes,cuboid,cylinder or octagon), so as to reduce cost of transportation to increase speed of fum ace charging.

Model Nominal force Power Feed box size Bale size Productivity Operation
NKY81-5000 5000KN 135KW 5000*2000*1200mm 700*700mm 8000-10000kg/h Manual or PLC

Features of metal baler:

1. Safety: The metal baler uses hydraulic technology. After many experiments and operations, the operation of the machine has become very stable, and there is no need to worry too much about its safety.
2. Fuel: The power resource of the metal baler can work through the power source, and it can also be equipped with a diesel engine for power operation when there is no electricity, and it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly when used.
3. Discharging: There are diversified discharging forms, such as side-turning bag, side-pushing bag, and front-pushing bag. It is very convenient for operators to manage.
4. Operation: Another reason for the safety of the metal baler is its operation, humanized design ideas, and the operation is very simple. It can be operated manually or automatically, reflecting the obvious characteristics of integration.