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Annealed Black Iron Wire

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The annealed iron wire is made of low-carbon steel and undergoes a dual process of wire drawing and heat treatment annealing. The returned black iron wire is soft enough to automatically pass through the baler, so it is widely used in fully automatic horizontal baler. Annealed black iron wire can also be used on closed-end horizontal machines and vertical bagging machines, but it can only be applied to materials with low friction such as paper, cardboard or film.


A) Material: High Strenght Steel Wire or Low carbon steel wire, Tensile Srenght: 1400 - 1700 N/mm2 or 350-650 N/mm2

B) type: Single Loop, Double loops,
C) Wire dia: 1.0mm to 5.0mm 
D) Bale ties lenght 1.0meters to 4.5meters 
E) Packing: 20kg -1000kg/coil or 100-125pcs/bundle, then in wooden case, wooden pallet, or straight in bundles.

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