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Packing Wire

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Galvanized baling wire is the most commonly used in the recycling industry due to its toughness and corrosion resistance. This galvanized baling wire has a uniform coating, high tensile strength, good flexibility, rust and corrosion resistance, and can be used for vertical, single-cylinder, double-cylinder and semi-automatic horizontal balers.

Size Length MOQ Lead time for MOQ
(SWG)Wire diameter:3.251mm(10#) Approx. 15335m/Ton 3 Tons 10-15Days
(DWG)Wire diameter:3.404mm(10#) Approx. 13987m/Ton 3 Tons 10-15Days
(SWG)Wire diameter:2.642mm(12#) Approx. 23219m/Ton 3 Tons 10-15Days
(DWG)Wire diameter:2.769mm(12#) Approx. 21138m/Ton 3 Tons 10-15Days
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