NKLMJ-1250 Scrap Metal Shears Baler

Release time: 2021-11-12   sentiment:791 time

NKLMJ-1250 Scrap Metal Shears Baler, also called scrap steel gantry shearing machine is composed of a frame, a hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic power system and an electrical system. Based on the working principle, it passes through an automatic feeding box, that is, after the material is grabbed to the feeding box, the waste is automatically sent to the At the cutting edge of the knife, the feeding speed can be adjusted by the speed regulating motor. Side squeeze cylinders are installed on both sides of the material box. The side squeeze cylinders can be used to squeeze and reduce the waste, and then be sent to the cutting blade through the conveyor to be cut off.

Model Cutting pressure Capacity Blade length Cutting speed Power
NKLMJ-1250 1250T 20-30T/H 2500mm 2-4T/M 55*4KW

The advantages of gantry shears are:
1. Hydraulic transmission, low noise, complete functions, high production efficiency, optimized structure design, stable and reliable;
2. Low oil pump displacement, low motor power, power saving and energy saving.
3. The gantry shearing machine adopts an integrally welded solid open structure, which can maintain sufficient rigidity of the machine body and has a convenient operating space.