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Scrap Aluminum Cans

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                      NKY81-1350                                                      NK080T120         


Aluminum cans are one of the common wastes in daily life. Aluminum cans can be easily recycled after being compressed by a hydraulic baler. When recycling aluminum cans, NKBALER recommends NKY81-1350 and NK080T120 for compression. NKY81-1350 is a metal briquetting machine with a pressure of 1350KN and a productivity of 1500-2200kg/h; NK080T120 is a vertical aluminum can baler with a compression force of 100Ton, a weight of 200-350kg, and an output of 3-6 per hour Bag.

The aluminum can baler produced by our company is a high-density baler, which has the advantages of convenient operation, safety and reliability, accurate positioning, compact structure, and small footprint.
Why do more and more companies choose aluminum can balers, because:
1. The price of steel has rebounded, and the price of cans after packaging and compression is higher than that before compression;
2. The equipment has a high degree of automation, and only one person can complete the production;
3. The equipment is under high pressure and the finished product has high density. Whether it is steelmaking or casting, it can reduce production costs, and there will be no slag drop or break during transportation;
4. In addition to compressing cans, this equipment can also compress hard plastics, sponges, fibers and other items, with a wide range of applications.

The aluminum can packer uses double-cylinder balanced compression, special hydraulic system, more stable power; high-load structure, automatic bag turning device, safe and reliable.

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