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Wood Shavings

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NKB250                                     NKB25


The compressed wood chips are processed by a hydraulic baler, which can be used for secondary use, so that the wood chips can be stored for a longer time for subsequent use. NKBALER recommends two machines for customers to pack and recycle wood chips, namely NKB250 sawdust briquetting machine and NKB25 weighting scale bagging machine. The weight of the bale of NKB250 is 30-50kg, and the output is 3-3.5 tons per hour; the weight of the bale of NKB25 is 25kg of each bale.

Sawdust balers are widely used in farms, breeding farms, ranches, horse farms, and packaging companies. Suitable for wood shavings, rice husks, sawdust, waste clothes, waste cotton, glass wool, soft waste and other materials. Sawdust balers are used to press sawdust and other materials into square blocks for wood mills and the like.
The working principle of the sawdust Baler machine is to use hydraulic cylinders to compress materials. When working, the rotation of the motor drives the oil pump to work, extracts the hydraulic oil in the oil tank, transports it through the hydraulic oil pipe, and transmits it to each hydraulic oil cylinder, driving the piston rod of the oil cylinder to move laterally to compress various materials in the tank. Then, through the squeezing of the side cylinder of the baler, the compressed bale is squeezed out from the discharge port.
Product advantages of sawdust balers:
1. Nick Machinery takes the structural strength of the equipment as a design element. Since it is a press, it needs to bear pressure.
2. The sawdust Baler machine has multiple safety protection functions, making the operation safer and more convenient.
3. Adopting intelligent one-key control, the time for compressing materials is shorter, reaching working state quickly, saving money.
4. The main power parts, hydraulic parts, and electrical parts of the sawdust Baler are of independent brands, which fully meet the European and American industry safety standards to ensure safe and stable operation.
5. Adopt automatic conveying device and use conveying line to increase the feeding speed and maximize production.
The sawdust briquetting machine adopts hydraulic transmission, horizontal horizontal bagging, high output, low equipment failure rate and stable operation.

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