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NKW100Q                                  NKW80BD


Carton boxes are very common in life. Many cartons will be discarded after use, which is easy to cause environmental pollution. For this situation, NKBALER recommends two types of hydraulic horizontal balers NKW100Q and NKW80BD to compress and pack waste cardboard. The bale weight of NKW80BD is 650-750kg, and the output is 6-9 tons per hour; the bale weight of NKW100Q is 400-500kg, and the output is 2-3 tons per hour.

With the continuous development trend of my country's machinery manufacturing industry, the level of automation technology of mechanical equipment is getting higher and higher, not except for the field of carton Balers. The level of automation technology continues to develop, and automatic carton Balers are slowly being used more and more. Of customers agree, what are the potentials of the automatic carton Baler?
1. High work efficiency
The automatic carton Baler is fully automated, and the work efficiency is further improved. The work efficiency of the automatic Baler is nearly doubled than that of the ordinary Baler;
2. Save staff expenses
The automatic carton Baler only needs to load the material, which saves the actual operation of manpower and the expenditure of staff;
3. The package is firm and beautiful
The bag type tied by manpower is generally not standard, and it is very easy to open the button. The automatic carton Baler packs firmly, and the bag type is beautiful, the bag type is unified, and the appearance design is beautiful and generous.
The NICKBALER automatic carton Baler is suitable for places with a lot of materials, reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency.