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NKB180 Balers                                     NKB280 Baler


For wheat straw baling, NKBALER recommends two bagging machines, NKB180 and NKB280. Users can choose according to different output. For small daily output, you can choose NKB180, with a packaging capacity of 120 bags per hour, and a packaging capacity of 3-3.5 tons per hour; for large daily output, you can choose NKB280, with a packaging capacity of 30 per hour. Packing capacity is 12-15 tons per hour.

The hydraulic wheat grass baler can compress the wheat stalks, corn stalks, corn cobs, peanut husks, rice husks and other crop products left behind after crop recovery into bundles.
Features of hydraulic wheat grass baler:
1. The wheat grass Baler machine is easy to install, has no site conditions, and is convenient to use.
2. Hydraulic drive, low noise, high pressure, stable operation without vibration, saving production time and greatly improving work efficiency.
3. The wheat grass baler adopts high-performance hydraulic circuit, which saves electricity by 33% compared with similar products. Imported hydraulic parts make the whole machine superior in performance.
4. Microcomputer PLC control is optional, the Baler length can be set by yourself, the failure rate is low, and it is convenient for Baler.
5. The conveyor belt is controlled by computer, with large conveying capacity, abrasion resistance, strong load capacity and anti-skid function.
6. According to customer requirements, wheat grass balers with special specifications and sizes can be customized.
NICKBALER wheat grass baler is a good equipment to reduce labor efficiency, labor intensity, save manpower, transportation costs, and increase farmers' income.

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