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The storage, transportation, and processing of waste plastics often consume a lot of manpower and material resources. Many recyclers use horizontal hydraulic balers to compress and pack waste plastics to reduce transportation costs and obtain more profits. For the packaging of waste plastics, NKBALER recommends the NKW125BD semi-automatic baler. Its pressure is 1250KN, each package weighs 700-1000KG, and the daily output can reach 20-30 tons.


Model NKW125BD
Pressure (KN) 1250KN
Cylinder size ⌀250
Bale size (W*H*L) 1100*1250*(300-1700)mm
Feed opening size (L*W) 1600*1100mm
Bale weight (KG) 700-1000KG
Bale density 450-500KG/m³
Capability 3-5T/hour
Bale line 5 Line / Manual strapping
Power 30KW/40HP
Out-bale way Disposable bag out
Feeding Device Conveyor
Machine weight 14T


Conveyor 12000mm*1800mm (L*W) 4.5KW
Cooling system Water cooling + oil chiller
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