Maintenance of hydraulic system of Indian hydraulic baler

Release time: 2022-01-04   sentiment:979 time

Hydraulic system maintenance has evolved from simple breakdown repairs in the past to fault guessing, that is, when faults are discovered, the predecessors will be improved to repair hidden faults and avoid the development of equipment accidents.

In order to realize active maintenance technology, it is necessary to strengthen the research of hydraulic system fault diagnosis methods. At present, based on the sense and experience of experienced maintenance technicians, it is not suitable for modern industry to find faults through seeing, hearing, touching, and testing. In the direction of modernization, continuity and modernization, it is necessary to modernize the fault diagnosis of the hydraulic system and strengthen the research of the expert system. It is necessary to summarize the knowledge of the experts, establish a complete and learning function expert knowledge base, and use the computer according to the input phenomenon and knowledge Using the knowledge in the library, use the reasoning method existing in the reasoning engine to calculate the cause of the failure, and improve the maintenance plan and preventive measures. To further trigger the general tool software of the hydraulic system fault diagnosis expert system, it is only necessary to modify and increase or decrease the rules for different hydraulic systems.
In addition, the hydraulic system self-compensation system should also be developed, including self-adjustment, self-lubrication, and self-correction. Compensation is carried out before failure occurs. This is the direction of the hydraulic industry.
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