Reasons for tripping of plastic bottle balers in Kenya

Release time: 2022-01-10   sentiment:845 time

In daily life, there will always be a large number of plastic bottles. These plastic bottles have a great impact on the environment. If they are recycled, they will be of great help to the environment and economic benefits. The plastic bottle Press machine is very practical as a good Press machine. A friend asked about the reasons for the trip of the plastic bottle Press, so what are the reasons for the trip? Next, Nick will take everyone to understand.

1. In the normal operation of the plastic bottle Press machine, the current is usually large and sometimes small. This is a normal phenomenon, but the fluctuation range is not large. When the electrical work is overloaded, the load is too large, causing the current to exceed the rated value and then tripping. As long as the workload of the plastic bottle Press machine is kept within the allowable range, this kind of problem can actually be avoided, which is not easy to happen. Check whether the current is too large, causing a trip; if the air switch is used for a long time, quality problems will also occur. When the current is small, it can work, once the current is slightly larger, it will trip, just replace the air switch. You can ask an experienced electrician to do the inspection.
2. The hydraulic system of the plastic bottle Press will cause mechanical failure of the hydraulic valve. The normal manifestation of this kind of mechanical failure is that a certain cylinder of the baler does not perform normal compression according to the instructions issued by the PLC (that is, the cylinder does not work), resulting in hydraulic pressure. The reason for the valve jam is that dust in the oil can cause the valve to jam. Therefore, in the daily movement of the baler, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the fuel tank and the cleanliness of the oil to avoid mechanical failure of the hydraulic valve.
The above two points are the reasons for the tripping of the plastic bottle Press. We can eliminate the fault in time to avoid bigger problems caused by the fault. If you encounter other problems you want to know about during use, you can contact our manufacturer in time.
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