Moroccan waste paper baler installation design

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To be a waste paper recycling and Press station, there must be a certain area of the site, and a reasonable planning and design of the site should be made according to the specific situation, so that the waste paper loading and unloading can be convenient. This can be mainly divided into three aspects, the horizontal waste paper baler packaging area, the storage area before waste paper packaging and the storage area after waste paper packaging.

The Press area of the horizontal waste paper baler varies slightly depending on the specifications, but the difference is not very large. For waste paper baler equipment, the installation and application area must be 11 meters wide and 14 meters long. If it is used indoors, the height must be more than 4 meters. It is the minimum site requirement to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
Storage area before waste paper is packed. A steady stream of waste paper is recycled, and a certain amount of storage space is necessary if it cannot be packaged in time. Full consideration should be given to the amount of waste paper recovered and the amount of backlog. Waste paper can be adequately stored, and waste paper cannot be recycled due to insufficient space.
Storage area for waste paper after Press. After the waste paper is packaged, there must be a certain amount before it can be loaded and transported. This site proposal has the same considerations as the previous one.
NKBALER recommends that the waste paper packaging site is more than 500 square meters. The stacking of raw waste paper, fine picking, the installation of the baler, and the stacking of finished products all require a site. At the same time, the manufacturer’s friendly reminder: take fire protection measures! ! ! If you still don’t understand, please inquire about our business 86-29-86031588

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