NKW80Q Waste Paper Hydraulic Bale Press

Release time: 2021-11-02   sentiment:2570 time

NKW80Q Waste Paper Hydraulic Bale Press, also called waste paper baler machine is used to compact excess cardboard into bales or bundles for easier disposal or recycling. 

Model Bale size Bale weight Capability Power Strapping
Width Height
NKW80Q 1100mm 850mm 400-600kg 3-5Ton/h 30KW Iron wire

1.Microcomputer PLC control, high degree of automation, plug-in circuit board to control the Baler action, and computer-assisted error correction function.

2.Advanced equipment improves efficiency, introduces foreign advanced equipment, extends the service life of the baler, and improves the efficiency of the baler.

3.Machine application high-performance low-noise hydraulic circuit system, using imported oil pressure accessories, the whole machine has stable performance and low noise.

4.Convenient and simple to use, easy to install machinery and equipment, without special site infrastructure.