NK6040T10 Trash Presser

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Waste Paper Balers (NK6040T10)


Specially used for compressing the waste like food residue、paper、bottles、cans、plastic scraps and textile waste etc.

Model Hydraulic power  Bale size(L*W*H)MM Feed opening size(L*H)MM Capability Bale weight( KG) Voltage(can be customized) Power(KW)
NK6040T10 10TON 600*400*(350-600)mm 540*450mm 6-8 bale/H 50-80kg 220V/50HZ 2.2KW/3HP


• Automatic chain bale ejector for quicklyand easily ejecting the bales out from the machine.

• Bottom liquid receiver is optional for collecting the liquid from the compressing materials.

• The ram will stop running downwards when the feeding gate is opened which ensure the safety of the operation.

• Equipped with independent emergency stop for safe operation.

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