The composition of the gantry shears

Release time: 2022-05-18   sentiment:478 time

The gantry shear is composed of a mechanical part and a hydraulic part, which cooperate with each other to complete the daily material cutting work.

The gantry shearing machine is a kind of equipment suitable for heavy scrap steel cutting processing. Various scrap metals such as stainless steel, metal briquettes, automobile bodies, aluminum alloys, copper materials, iron filings, steel wires, and metal briquettes are cut short in cold state and processed into qualified charge.
The gantry shearing machine has a large material box and can handle a wide range of material sizes. The material box has the function of synchronous compression, the processed materials are compact, and the production efficiency is high. It can realize the conversion of single and multiple actions, and the operation is convenient and fast. Gantry shears have a wide range of applications, not only as processing equipment for metal recovery mechanisms, but also for furnace charge processing in factory foundries and metal shearing in the mechanical construction industry.
The operation and control of the gantry shearing machine is simple and quick. The scissors can start cutting and stop at any position during the working process, and the size of the shearing can be arbitrarily controlled according to the size of the material to be cut, so as to obtain economical work benefits.
NKBALER gantry shearing machine has the advantages of time saving, convenient operation, labor saving, strong bearing capacity, cost saving, stability and reliability.

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