Malaysia hydraulic baler system performance

Release time: 2022-06-10   sentiment:290 time

The property that the liquid of the horizontal hydraulic baler may be reduced by pressure is called the compressibility of the liquid. The hydraulic oil is compressible, that is, the volume will change after being compressed. When the common pressure of waste paper baler liquid increases, the volume of hydraulic oil decreases, and vice versa. The bulk modulus of elasticity for petroleum-based hydraulic oils that are not mixed with air. Its rigidity is much greater than that of air, that is, its compression coefficient is very small. For this reason, in engineering, it can be considered that the hydraulic oil of the horizontal hydraulic baler is incompressible. The reason why the actuator of hydraulic equipment works smoothly and has low noise is because of its compression coefficient and great rigidity.
If there is air dissolved in the hydraulic oil, when the oil flows through narrow gaps such as the orifice or the vacuum zone such as the suction port of the pump, the pressure of the oil will drop rapidly due to the sudden increase of the flow rate or insufficient oil supply, thereby causing The air that has been dissolved in the oil separates out to form bubbles; in addition, a certain amount of air is always mixed in the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler. Due to the large compressibility of the air, the bulk elastic modulus of the oil with air inside Will be reduced, which will cause the actuator in the hydraulic system to crawl or tremble, and affect the smoothness of the actuator. For this reason, the sealing performance of the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler should be checked, and an exhaust device should be installed at the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder to remove air in time to avoid mixing a large amount of air in the oil and affecting the performance of the hydraulic system.

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