NKW220BD Outdoor Horizontal Trash Compactor

Release time: 2021-11-03   sentiment:1658 time

NKW220BD Outdoor Horizontal Trash Compactor, also called semi-automatic baler is specially designed for compressing and Baler loose items such as waste paper, waste cardboard, cartons, sponges, plastic films, plastic bottles, hard plastic baskets, and waste computer cases.

Model Bale size Bale weight Capability Power Strapping
Width Height Length
NKW220BD 1100mm 1250mm 1700mm 1300-1600kg 10-15Ton/h 45KW/60HP Iron wire

Features of Semi-automatic Baler:

1.It has a high-strength package door, automatic door opening and closing, and hydraulic door lock device, which makes the operation more convenient;

2.It has multiple operation modes that can be used for conveying belt feeding, air pipe feeding and manual feeding;

3.The PLC control system is adopted, which can automatically feed and detect, each time it can be directly compressed to the front end and manual strapping, one-time package out and other processes, or it can be completed manually.