NK1070T60 Waste Cardboard Boxes Baler

Release time: 2021-11-03   sentiment:1149 time

NK1070T60 Waste Cardboard Boxes Baler, also called vertical cardboard baler is a type of recycling baler, which is a hydraulically-operated machine designed to compress a variety of soft materials into 'bales', including cardboard, paper, shrink wrap, rags, bottles and even aluminum/tin cans. 

Model Bale size Capability Voltage Power
Lenght Width Height
NK1070T60 1100mm 700mm 500-900mm 5-8bale/H 380V/50HZ 7.5KW/10HP

Features :

1.This machine uses the hydraulic transmission, with two cylinder operate, durable and powerful.

2.It uses the button common control which may realize the many kinds of work way.

3.the machine working pressure traveling schedule scope can be adjusted according to the material bale size.

4.Special feed opening and automatic output package of equipment.

5.The operation is simple. the feed opening install the interlocking device which will be safe and reliable.

6.The Pressure force and packing size may design according to customers requirement.