NK1611T300 Vertical Metal Baler Machine

Release time: 2021-11-04   sentiment:763 time

NK1611T300 Vertical Metal Baler Machine working pressure traveling schedule scope can be adjusted according to the material bale size.The Pressure force and packing size may design according to customers requirement.

Model Packaging size Bale weight Capacity Power strapping
Length Width Height
NK1611T300 1600mm 1100mm 400-1200mm 1500-2000kg 4-6bale/H 30KW/40HP Iron wire

Hydraulic pressure open the door with two cylinders,auto operate ,These vertical baling machines are best suited for Aluminum manufacturers, warehouses, grocery stores, or any commercial entity that generates/recycles materials. They can handle materials like Aluminum scrap metal, cardboard, cartons, coconut fiber, plastic bottles and UBC (used beverage containers). These balers also can handle shrink wrap, soft packaging, fabric scrap, tyre / tires, steel shavings, One of the main selling points of vertical balersis their size / operational footprint. Suffice to say, these machines can fit almost anywhere, and are quite movable,making them ideal for anyone who has waste to bale, but doesnot need a permanently installed / large-scale (and unwieldy) solution.