NK5075T50 Cardboard Recycling Machine

Release time: 2021-11-14   sentiment:1185 time

NK5075T50 Cardboard Recycling Machine, Specially used for recycling the cans, PET bottles, oil tank etc. The long ram makes sure the bottles or cans that in the bottom can be efficiently compressed. Liquid receiver is optional for collecting the liquid residues from the compressing containers.

Model Bale size Capability Voltage Power
Lenght Width Height
NK5075T50 1500mm 750mm 700-1000mm 3-5bale/H 380V/50HZ 7.5KW/10HP


1.Automatic chain bale ejector for quickly and easily ejecting the bales out from the machine.

2.The ram will stop running downwards when the feeding gate is opened which ensure the safety of the operation.

3.Equipped with independent emergency stop for safe operation.

4.Equipped with Euro and U.S standard anti-rebound gate structure which makes sure the safety of operation.

5.Special ram guides design makes the platen not slope because of uneven materials feedings during compression.