NKY81-2000 Waste Metal Baling Machine

Release time: 2021-11-11   sentiment:1446 time

NKY81-2000 Waste Metal Baling Machine, also called metal baler is suitable for metal recycling processing plants, steel mills and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries to process various shapes of steel and various metal structural parts into qualified charge to reduce transportation and torch costs.

Model Nominal force Power Feed box size Bale size Productivity Operation
NKY81-2000A 2000KN 30KW 1600*1200*800mm 400*400mm 2000-3000kg/h Manual or PLC
NKY81-2000B 2000KN 37KW 1800*1400*900mm 450*450mm 2500-3500kg/h Manual or PLC

1. All are hydraulically driven, work smoothly, safe and reliable;
2. Use manual or PLC automatic control mode of operation;
3. There are four ways of discharging: side-turning bag, side-pushing bag, forward-pushing bag or no-out bag;
4. No foot screws are required for installation, and diesel engines can be used as power in places where there is no power supply.