NKY81-1600 Horizontal Metal Baler

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NKY81-1600 Horizontal Metal Baler, Also Called Metal Balers are hydraulically driven, and can be operated manually or automatically controlled by PLC; no foot screws are required for installation, and diesel engines can be used for power in places without power; the size of the feeding box and the shape and size of the block can be adjusted according to Design and customization of user material specifications.

Model Nominal force Power Feed box size Bale size Productivity Operation
NKY81-1600A 1600KN 22KW 1600*1000*700mm 350*350mm 2000-3000kg/h Manual or PLC
NKY81-1600B 1600KN 22KW 1600*1200*800mm 400*400mm 2000-3000kg/h Manual or PLC

The metal baler is mainly used to pack metal express, mainly powered by hydraulic cylinders. Through the baler, the waste metal is hydraulically packed into the required shape, and reused to meet other needs. The use of a baler can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce industrial costs. Metal balers are usually widely used in the metal processing industry and are suitable for mass recycling and baling.