NKY81-4000 Hydraulic Metal Baler

Release time: 2021-11-11   sentiment:1494 time

NKY81-4000 Hydraulic Metal Baler, also called metal briquetting press adopts hydraulic transmission, compact structure, simple operation and easy maintenance. Users can customize the Baler Press specifications and dimensions according to their needs.

Model Nominal force Power Feed box size Bale size Productivity Operation
NKY81-4000A 4000KN 66KW 2000*1600*1100mm 550*550mm 4000-7000kg/h Manual or PLC
NKY81-4000B 4000KN 110KW 2600*1750*1200mm 550*550mm 5000-8000kg/h  Manual or PLC
NKY81-4000C 4000KN 90KW 3000*2000*1200mm 600*600mm 6000-8000kg/h  Manual or PLC

1. The metal baler models are all hydraulically driven, and manual or PLC automatic control operation can be selected;
2. The discharging mode of the machine body can choose different methods such as turning the bag, pushing the bag or manually taking the bag;
3. Easy installation, fixed feet, diesel engine can be used as power in places without power supply.