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Peanut Shells

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NKB5                                           NKB260


Peanut shells can be used as raw materials to make wallboards, packaging materials, feeds, building materials, etc. The peanut shells are small and difficult to recycle. The two machines NKB5 and NKB260 manufactured by NKBALER can solve the problem of difficult recovery of peanut shells. NKB5 is a weighting scale bagging machine with a bale weight of 5kg; NKB260 is a horizontal bagging machine with a bale weight of 30-40kg and an output of 5-6 tons per hour.

Peanut shell bagging instructions:
1. The frame structure is solid, and the material of "Baosteel" is selected as the structure of the machine;
2. Years of design and production experience, large output and high efficiency;
3. Double-button bag delivery design, the compressed bag can be turned out without hurting the operator;
4. Comes with weighing and metering to control the weight of each package to be consistent;
5. Electric button control, integrated circuit board control, one-key operation is completed.
The peanut shell bagging machine adopts hydraulic drive, can choose manual or PLC automatic control operation, and the size of the compression chamber and the size of the bale can be customized according to customer requirements.

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