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NKB20 Balers                                       NKB200 Balers


Sawdust refers to the powdered wood chips of the tree itself that are scattered from the trees during the sawing process during wood processing. After the sawdust is recycled, it can be used as a cow bedding or fuel. For sawdust recycling, NKBALER recommends NKB20 fixed-weight bagging machine and NKB200 hydraulic briquetting machine. Among them, the packing size of NKB20 is 750mm*400mm*330mm, and the weight of the block is 20kg; the weight of NKB200 is 30-35kg, and the output is 2.5-3 tons per hour.

The briquetting machine is specially used for briquetting wood chips, wood flour, shavings, coconut mud, peanut shells, corn stalks and other materials.
1. The machine adopts PLC control system, unmanned operating system, horizontal continuous unloading, fast speed, convenient use, and automatic feeding by conveyor.
2. The machine is mainly suitable for the compression of paper powder, paper scraps and other scraps
3. The crushed material is compressed into a block-like object by this machine, which can be directly transported without bagging, and can be automatically scattered after being beaten by manpower.
4. The size of the press block can be customized according to requirements


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