Four-point safety operating procedures for Myanmar hydraulic baler

Release time: 2021-12-28   sentiment:912 time

1. The material used to set up the hydraulic baler must be qualified, deformed, cracked, and other defects of the hydraulic baler frame rod. The connecting parts and fasteners are strictly prohibited. The fasteners and connecting parts of the hydraulic baler must not be welded. Way to fix.

2. The foundation ground of the hydraulic baler must be flat, tamped, and hard, and its metal substrate must be flat without any deformation. When the ground is soft, a sweeping rod or pad must be used to increase the force surface and increase stability.
3. All hydraulic balers must be installed in accordance with relevant standards and regulations (the hydraulic baler must be horizontal and vertical, and the span and spacing must meet the requirements of the specification). No matter what height the hydraulic baler is set up, instability is not allowed.
4. The springboard on the hydraulic baler must be neatly laid, and the width and length should be consistent (except for special parts). The springboard on any hydraulic baler must be firmly fixed, and there must be no large holes on the platform (except for special parts).
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