Instructions for use of India lifting door multi-function baler

Release time: 2021-12-30   sentiment:771 time

Speaking of the application of the lifting door multi-function baler has become more and more extensive, Nick will give you a brief introduction to the use of the lifting door multi-function baler, I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. String the Baler rope through the automatic tensioning device behind the lifting door multi-function baler, and place it along the strapping slot, then tie the strapping to the bottom end of the strapping slot, and rotate the automatic tensioning device 90 degrees, Close the bottom door and lock it.
2. Put in the material. When the material is loaded to the height of the pressure plate, close the door and press the "down" button. The lifting door multi-function baler runs automatically and is compacted.
3. The pressure plate moves down and compresses to reach the pressure and automatically returns to the fully open position. When compressing and Baler constraints, the pressure plate stops at the preset position of the compressed material.
4. Open the door of the lifting door and the multi-function baler, pass the tie rope from front to back through the bottom slot and return to the front through the pressure plate line slot, and then pull the tie rope tightly and knot it by hand. Push the Baler rod by hand, and push the rod to a fixed position for clamping. Press the "up" button, the return stroke of the cylinder will automatically turn out the bundled bales. (It is not allowed to stand in front of the door when opening the door, so as not to be injured by the door bounce)
5. After the lifting door multi-function baler bale pops out, reset the bale lever to press down. After that, the bale is removed, the door is closed and locked to enter the next bale cycle task.
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