Straw Baler

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The liquid state of the straw baler is likely to suffer from the effect of working pressure and the volume is reduced, which is called the compressibility of the liquid, and the straw baler oil has compressibility.that is, the volume will change after the force is applied. When the common working pressure of straw baler liquid is expanded, the volume of straw baler oil decreases, and on the contrary, it expands. for non-penetration Volumetric elastic molds of air-based crude oil-based straw balers. The stiffness of the straw baler is much larger than that of air, that is, the compression coefficient is not large. Therefore, in engineering projects Straw baler oil cannot be reduced.
The actuators of the straw baler machines often work at a stable speed and little noise, because the compression coefficient of the straw baler is very small, and there are very
Great stiffness. If some air is dissolved in the straw baling oil, when the oil flows through the narrow gap such as the throttle valve port or the vacuum area such as the suction port of the pump, the straw will blow up.
The working pressure of the oil is rapidly reduced due to the sudden increase in the flow speed or insufficient oil provided by the charter machine, and the straw baler makes the air dissolved in the oil carry out the process.Precipitation produces bubbles.
In addition, a certain amount of air will always penetrate into the straw baler system software of the straw baler, because the compressibility of air is very large, and there is air inside.
The volumetric elasticity of the oil may be significantly reduced, which will cause the actuators in the straw baler system software to crawl or tremble, jeopardizing the performance of the actuators.
Fitness movement stability. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the good airtight characteristics of the straw baler system software, and set the air pressure at the upper part of the straw baler cylinder.
The water separator removes air immediately to prevent a lot of air from seeping into the oil, compromising the characteristics of the straw baler system software.

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