The price of a vertical baler

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1.Select the scientific and reasonable structure of the vertical baler (type of piston rod, type of plunger pump, etc.). The effective structure is to ensure that the hydraulic system reaches the hydraulic transmission system A prerequisite for regular operation.
2. Consider the standardized management and generalization of the hydraulic system of the vertical baler. The hydraulic system should use the index value as much as possible. The vertical baler should be based on the hydraulic press project
The project guide strongly recommends that the overall planning of the structure is detailed. Some spare parts should be normative.
3.For cylinders with long hydraulic cylinders, try to accommodate larger loads under the support force. When the vertical baler is under working pressure, a reliability check should be carried out
To avoid the hydraulic cylinder to relieve pressure.
4. The vertical baler has strong sealing and anti-fouling vertical baler. Sealing and anti-fouling vertical balers not only need to fully consider its firmness, but also need to consider the spear
Shield and service life.
5. The hydraulic oil filter element should have a buffer and an exhaust pipe vertical baler, and the regulations are higher, and the problem of thermal deformation and shrinkage should be considered.
The vertical baler belongs to a green and environmental protection automatic baler, which not only promotes the development trend of waste straw regeneration resources, but also stimulates the development of the machinery manufacturing industry trend.

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