How to use and maintain the hydraulic baler?

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In the use and protection of hydraulic balers, we must pay attention to the following aspects:
1.An automatic exhaust valve must be installed on the upper end of the hydraulic baler to discharge the gas in the cylinder and operating system. Hydraulic baler adjusts oil soft load transition over
over the one-way throttle valve and apply a flow control valve. The parallel control loop of the hydraulic system is simple in structure, low in cost and widely used.
2. In order to prevent the working pressure in the hydraulic baler system software from falling below atmospheric pressure, good sealing equipment must be used;
Solution; Tighten the surface of the tee joint and each connector, and clean the plastic straw immediately; clean the oil filter at the inlet of the oil tank on time.
3. Check the liquid level of the hydraulic baler at all times, and it should be maintained on the scale of the mimeograph. On the lower surface, the hydraulic baler vacuum suction cup and the same line opening
It should also be smaller than the level gauge, separated by a system partition.

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