NKW100Q OCC Paper Automatic Balers

Release time: 2021-11-02   sentiment:2123 time

NKW100Q OCC Paper Automatic Balers, also called cardboard balers improve efficiency in cardboard recycling and waste handling, and are an important tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes. 

Model Bale size Bale weight Capability Power Strapping
Width Height
NKW100Q1 1100mm 850mm 450-650kg 5-8Ton/h 30KW Iron wire
NKW100Q2 1100mm 1100mm 650-750kg 6-9Ton/h 37.5KW

1.The automatic Baler machine has the characteristics of low noise, stable action, and flexible practical operation.

2.It can be equipped with conveyor belt feeding or manual service feeding.

3.Using computer to control the touch screen, the actual operation is convenient and clear.

4.Fully automatic threading and automatic binding, increase the Baler speed and save human resources.