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Waste Cardboard

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                NK5075T50                                NKW80BD




                NKW200Q                                 NKW125BD


There are many hydraulic balers used for cardboard packaging. NKBALER recommends four types of balers, namely NK5075T50, NKW80BD, NKW200Q and NKW125BD. 
The compression force of NK5075T50 is 50Ton, the bag weight is 350-500kg, and the output is 3-5 per hour. Package; 
NKW80BD pressure is 800KN, package bale weight is 400-500kg, output is 2-3 tons per hour; 
NKW200Q pressure is 2000KN, package bale  weight is 1200-1600kg, output is 28-30 tons per hour; 
NKW125BD pressure is 1250KN, package bale weight is 700-1000kg, and the output is 3-5 tons per hour.

The waste cardboard baler has made great progress in the recycling of waste paper packaging
1. Reduce the volume of waste paper. The compressed and packaged waste paper will greatly reduce the volume, increase the density, and facilitate transportation and storage. Waste paper baler is a powerful helper for comprehensive utilization and development of material energy.
2. It can also save transportation costs. The waste paper baler is used to knead and squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions to greatly reduce the volume, and then achieve the effect of reducing transportation volume and saving freight.
3. The waste cardboard baler is very efficient during processing, because the automatic waste cardboard baler can pack hundreds of kilograms of waste paper or even a few tons of waste paper at a time, which saves a lot of time than traditional manual packaging. The efficiency of Baler waste paper is relatively low.
4. The waste cardboard Baler machine is easy to realize automation, can improve the overall efficiency of Baler, and save the labor cost of Baler. The use of waste paper baler can indeed greatly reduce labor costs.

The horizontal waste cardboard baler has the advantages of high working effect, long service life, high product packaging pressure, fast speed, sturdiness and reliability, and low noise.

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